NSW Blues

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NSW Blues

NSW Blues is a mobile app that enables access to NSW Blues supporters pages, shows the latest news, updates, essential information, merchandise store and team picker.

The app integrates world-leading AR technology for facial analysis and detection to give users an immersive digital experience face sure to excite sports fans. It also supports the location-aware app experience with geofenced push notifications engine to send fans relevant information about the ongoing State of Origin game.

We were engaged to build a React Native iOS and Android mobile app for NSW Blues that takes advantage of the latest AR and location-aware technologies to deliver an immersive digital experience to NSW Blues fans. 

The app integrates with Image Metrics SDK to virtually paint NSW Blues fans game face with multiple team colours face masks using augmented reality.  

The app leverages Firebase Cloud Storage and Cloud Messaging to deliver an infinitely scalable, custom subscription-free solution to send global and geofenced push notification to over 85,000 people at the stadium. 


  • Advisory
  • Mobile App development
  • Mobile App Cloud service
  • Support


  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Node JS
  • Firebase (Firestore, Storage, Hosting, Functions, Cloud Messaging / Push notifications)
  • Image Metrics SDK

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