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Relationships shouldn’t be hard work, but they do require regular attention and nurturing to keep them healthy and strong. In today’s busy world that can be hard to do.

ConnectCloser has been developed to help couples reconnect in a private, fun and effective way.


  • Discovery & ideation
  • Advisory
  • Mobile app development
  • Support‍


  • React Native
  • Redux
  • Node JS
  • Firebase (Authentication, Firestore, Storage, Hosting, Functions, Cloud Messaging)

“I had an idea for a startup and was referred to the Fireant founders by a good friend of mine. Fireant helped me navigate product decisions and supported me through narrowing down the scope of my MVP. Once the design and scope were signed off, the Fireant team quickly built and released the cloud backend and the mobile apps to the market.

I was particularly impressed with the level of communication throughout the process, attention to detail and responsiveness of the team, including adapting last-minute design changes and requirements refinement. We are testing the product-market fit at the moment and will continue working with Fireant on future iterations.”

Lara Gray

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